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Bedtime story (I)


Yesterday. I could not sleep.

Sometimes, in my neighborhood there is a very strange sound in the air. It is like the landing of a 737 Boeing over my roof. All the walls seem to vibrate with the airplane engines. After a while of aircraft crashing, when you reach the limit you can stand, the sound stops…only for a little while. That’s the moment when you begin to think it’s going to start all over again and you keep your breath away so you can detect the right moment the sound becomes louder and louder from an imperceptible sound to an outstanding and awfully nasty perception

I’ve been talking yesterday evening with the person who is taking the maintaining of the engines of the wasted water treatment facilities and he has told me that last Friday one of the engines was broken again and there was a backup engine that was replacing the broken one. But this new engine doesn’t work properly

The worst part of the story is that this happens very often. The best part is that not all the people are so sensible to perceive the sound with the same intensity.
I think I will have to go to sleep in my neighbor bed just to avoid getting completely crazy!!
Maybe, my strange behavior would get my neighbor crazy instead.

But, let’s think positively, everybody doesn’t have a Boeing 737 landing on their roofs…

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