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Real-virtual nightmare story


Last night, when I was walking the darkest streets of my neighbourhood I stumble into a road sign. I can swear it was not there. Maybe it suddenly emerged from depth of the Earth, or maybe it appeared just to say “hello, I exist. I’m in the real world and you are trying to live in a virtual one”, but what I could perfectly check is It was quite cool, rather hard for my head, and real, very real.

The thing is that I was intensively concentrated on one email conversation in my mobile. It was in a critical moment just when I was trying to clarify one important point on my relationship with a foreign friend.

In the last months, my daily walk for mental detoxification and daily exercise had been replaced for an intensive hour of virtual communication while my feet were going on walking in an automatical manner

So, lately my virtual social life was rather good, but my head was not liberated at all of the toxic ideas and worries.

And I really think this had to happen for good! But I’d never thought it had to happen in such a terrible way

The positive thing is that YES, I can say I received the hardest hit of my life just for love, and I can also say I was just about to lose my head for a man…

But, although these beautiful thoughts maybe true, my unconsciousness level has not changed even for a while. I don´t mean I will keep writing in my email mobile app. to my lovers, no, that is over (the emails are over, not the lovers, for sure!   😀  ), but what I’m trying to say is that in spite of the dent on my forehead, I’m still the same crazy woman I was before and I can say that my stubbornness* has been proven to excess.

So, let’s return to the real world. There are lots of adventures to live just right out there, at the other side of your mobile phone!!

*In Spanish,“stubbornness” is translated as “cabeza dura” (head-hardness… overly proven by a road sign blow)


Bed time story (II, and last)

2013-08-25 22.56.44


One of my 2013 year proposals was to be immersed in a creative environment. I have created a quite beautiful environment of creativity within my social network. Today I have uploaded to my facebook profile the 127th of my “almost daily” creativity games. WOOOWWW!! I think this is a very good exercise for the imagination, and it helps you to improve your skills to find creative solutions to non quotidian matters

Ken Robinson, in its book “Out of our Minds” has given me the opportunity to go in depth about this topic. Although its book deal with this tricky matter in a very general way, I think I have learnt a lot and of course, this book has helped me with my English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

This book has been a perfect bed partner when I couldn’t sleep, but we were becoming an old couple and hopefully I have already finished it!!

I have a renewed and (I thought) more interesting one 🙂 It is a New York Times best seller book. Its author is Gretchen Rubin, and the title of the book is “The happiness project”. Gretchen explains in very simple words a method to improve (her) own happiness level. I think this is a very useful way to keep my English alive, because, as I always do with my English bed-books, I like to read it in a very loud voice. So, my neighbours will be able to speak English too when I finish it: at least, one of us will learn it

But, now that the vibrations of the Waste Water Treatment Facility have ended (Thanks God! ), (and because I’ve been rather boring at the city council), and now that I have changed of topic, this book is becoming a real good pill to sleep (and I really don´t need any pill!). For me, it is impossible to read more than one page a night!

So, I am thinking of changing my bedroom partners again!! Or maybe to put a little of literacy infidelity on my nighttime life


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